Our Instructors

We are pleased to introduce you to our instructors of our classes

Ashlee Robbins

Founder, Basic Sciences and Self Sufficiency Instructor

I received my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and medical biology at the University of New England. While studying at UNE I completed my honors research on brain processes related to overuse of opiates and other pain relievers. My passion for understanding medicine mainly stems from my first research experiences where I focused on medication overuse. 

After my time at UNE I went on to obtain my PhD in Experimental and Molecular Medicine at Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth I studied learning and memory processes in patients with severe epilepsy. During my time working with epilepsy patients I learned that many patients were successfully self treating with cannabinoids! Unfortunately the research on cannabis was not well done, and had many conflicting results. These results are frustrating to interpret for the clinicians that I worked with, and makes medical decisions difficult! 

In 2019 I discussed many of the downfalls of herbal research with my good friend and former colleague Donna Bass. We are combining strengths between Donna's herbalism expertise and my research experience with both animal models and in clinical settings. Our focus is to educate both the general public and clinicians about herbalism and to promote well designed research for herbal treatments.

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Spiritual Catalyst and Businessman

Over the last thirty years, Dr. Kevin has been an early innovator in both the business and private sectors. Throughout the late seventies and eighties, he introduced the importance of formalized training for all levels of employees and wrote then implemented formalized training systems in multiple industries. He then created communication programs and critical thinking based management development programs.

Moving into the personal growth, human potential, and alternative health fields in the early

nineties he was one of the first to not only introduce the concept of coaching into his practice but one of the only ones to seamlessly integrate coaching and counseling

as a single process.

He has studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and healing

systems and assimilated them into his work. His groundbreaking award -winning book

Managing The Gift: Alternatives Approaches For Attentions Deficit Disorder, introduced the idea of ADD/ADHD as an evolutionary process not a disability.

Dr. Kevin has and continues to speak around the world. He is an author, Synergetic

Catalyst, teacher, speaker, and radio personality.

You can find out more about him @ www. managingthegift.com & www.mydrkevin.com

He currently resides in Nashua NH

Dr Tanya English DC

Instructor, Chiropractor

Dr. Tanya English has been working for 30 years in the healing field, first as a massage therapist, then as a chiropractor and energy healer. Dr. English has been inspired by the idea that we have been born with power to heal but people have not been shown how this works in real life. Her mission is to show people they have tremendous healing power within, and they can use that power for the highest good.

Dr. English uses Blue Note Healing Method to help others unlock that healing power and then educates so that people can use those techniques for themselves and the good of others.

She is a Master of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique which works on the subconscious level to dissipate negative physiological patterns that keeps the body from healing. She is also an Energy Healer with the ability to look into the energy pattern of an individual and discern and remove energy blockages that keep one from their fullest expression of life.

Dr. English holds retreats and helps train and mentor others in Energy Scanning Certification.