We Combine Natural & Western Medicine

Welcome to Bridges & Branches School of Natural Healing, where basic sciences meet traditional healing methods. What makes our school different is that we use scientific method and traditional healing to provide the best of both worlds for optimal health and wellbeing. We provide classes that teach traditional healing methods along with science classes.

We want our students to have deep understanding of how healing works and why. Feel free to browse our free classes and check out our certificate programs. Herbalism is not perfect, western medicine is not perfect; but together, they come darned close to a perfect health and wellcare system.


1 Year Apprenticeship

Instructor: Donna Bass

Herbalists teach people how to use plants to keep themselves, their community and their families healthy.

The Apprenticeship 1 We will cover Introductory Chemistry, Botany, Anatomy, Ph...

Body Butter Class

Instructor: Donna Bass

Welcome to our body butter class! Come make body butter with our herbalist Donna Bass MH who has been making body butter professionally since 2014.
We will cover:
The basic recipe fo...

Donna Bass MH

Title: Founder, Herbalist and Instructor

I was a self-taught practicing herbalist in the early 90's. In 1998 I had an opportunity to sit a one-year apprenticeship with Salandrea from the Mustard Seed in Portsmouth NH. As I sat this app...